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CITADEL STORMER 2 is a 2D action platformer in the vein of Megaman and Contra. The game currently under development. Stay tuned for updates.

An AI has gone rogue and is wreaking havoc. Destroy it's robot army and shut it down before it does something really bad!  

- Simple straightforward old-school platform action.
- Fight using 3 different guns with varying attack damage. (More guns will be added!)
- Avoid hazards - instadeath spikes, electric bolts etc.
- Fight a variety of robot enemies.
- Game save and load.

Follow me to see updates on the game. You can also follow me on twitter on my twitter: https://twitter.com/pixeltroid1  ! All feedback is welcome!

NOTES 29/07/20: I am noticing a sudden SPIKE in visits to my page :D If you've played the game please leave a comment with some feedback. I am planning to soon release a new demo containing the whole of World 1 (easily 30 minutes of gameplay). 

DEMO v1.0  notes 22/06/20: As of now, I have included most of the game's core mechanics in the demo. The demo contains the first level of the game in it's entirety. For the purpose of the demo, I have included all 3 weapons in the first level. This will change in the final version.


citadel_stormer2_v1.exe 4 MB

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Hey, I really enjoyed the game and look forward to the full release =D I had issues with a spot where the platform disappeared if you died, but I also did not realize at the time you could DESTROY those darn lasers haha xD definitely following =)


hey!! Thanks for the playthrough. You did very well!

Watching you play gave me many insights about the game's design. I now know I need to make it clear that the lightning bolt machines can be destroyed. I've also decided to add a sign of some sort to indicate the direction of the save points.

As for the elevator platform, it disappeared because you can't go back up again. But I now realize that it might confuse players. But in the current version, I've made it so the platform stays. In addition to giving the game a sense of continuity it would also help players get past the lightning bolts more easily. 

Once again, thanks for the full playthrough. And thanks for the follow!

Always a pleasure. I look forward to the full release and plan on vids on it!