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CITADEL STORMER 2 is a fast paced 2D Action Platformer set in a world of killer robots! You play as a lone soldier with extraordinary combat skills who must take on the robotic army of a malicious A.I that is hellbent on ending human civilization!

The game is still under development but there is a solid demo available!

Kindly note that "Citadel Stormer 2" is still under development! If you want to report a bug or have any feedback (good or bad) or just want to share anything about the game, please leave a comment!

Updated 18 days ago
StatusIn development
GenrePlatformer, Action, Shooter
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Retro, Robots, sci-fi, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


citadel_stormer2_v1_1.zip 7 MB

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This is really well put together, it's mechanics are nice and simple but there's a nice steady flow to everything, I'm really excited to see this grow over time!!

thanks for your kind words! I really appreciate it! 

Cool game i enjoyed playing through it big yellow was tough but i managed to defeact him. The music is good and i also like how you can save your progress.

Thanks for playing! Really appreciate it! BTW how many tries did it take to defeat the boss? I'm still trying to balance his attack patterns.

3 tries


Made a video


Awesome! Watching it now!


I can see the improvement, and love the addition of the boss to the game =D I underestimated Big Yellow, and said he was easy at first. He did not end up killing me, but got a hold of me and almost killed me in one go haha! Love it and glad to see some progress, and cannot wait to see more!


Thanks for the playthrough video. Your gameplay was amazing! You actually beat the boss on your first try!! I'm wondering now if it was too easy!


Here is my gameplay video of your game


Hey thanks for the playthrough!

You can actually destroy those maroon electric field generators that's hindering your path after the first save point.

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Hey, I really enjoyed the game and look forward to the full release =D I had issues with a spot where the platform disappeared if you died, but I also did not realize at the time you could DESTROY those darn lasers haha xD definitely following =)


hey!! Thanks for the playthrough. You did very well!

Watching you play gave me many insights about the game's design. I now know I need to make it clear that the lightning bolt machines can be destroyed. I've also decided to add a sign of some sort to indicate the direction of the save points.

As for the elevator platform, it disappeared because you can't go back up again. But I now realize that it might confuse players. But in the current version, I've made it so the platform stays. In addition to giving the game a sense of continuity it would also help players get past the lightning bolts more easily. 

Once again, thanks for the full playthrough. And thanks for the follow!

Always a pleasure. I look forward to the full release and plan on vids on it!

Hey! I've released a new demo. It's got the first 3 levels and a boss fight. I was wondering if you want to check it out!

oh sounds interesting. Got a few games to go through first but yah ill hit it :)