Devlog #2 (29/06/20)

DEVLOG #2  (29/6/20)

1. New backgrounds. These have an "outdoor" feel. I quite like how it turned out.   

  2. Backup weapon. Players complained of running out of ammo. So I made a Tazer gun that is useful in close range and can be used without an ammo limit. Edit: It's a little overpowered right now, but I'm working to fix that.


  3. Gold coins! If you collect a certain amount (say, 100) you get an extra life.   

  4. Show case of existing weapons: Tazer, Submachine gun, Assault Rifle and Shotgun.  

 I will add these to the next version of the Demo, which I plan to release hopefully BEFORE mid-July.


- I am currently working on finishing the first zone. Each zone will have 3 stages and 1 boss room. I have one more level to complete and I can park it aside and work on the next zone.
- Boss design for zone 1.
- Level Layouts for Zone 2. I am doing those on paper right now.I  will share photos of those as soon as soon as I finalize something.

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