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About Game

Dismal Dimensions is a semi-open world action platformer, in which areas become increasingly complex and mazelike as you progress.

Story in brief

Mysterious forces from another dimension have destroyed your world. You somehow survived. Fight your way to the secret fortress to find out what's going on!

Existing gameplay features

  • Use a weapon that fires in 4 different mode -- rapid fire, shot, bomb and flame thrower
  • Take on 6 unique enemy types and 3 bosses.
  • Destroy enemy objects and collect keys to gain access to new areas.
  • Use portals to traverse the maze like areas.
  • Unique death animations for each enemy type (contains blood and violence)
  • Collect ammo and health from crates and defeated enemies.
  • Game save and load

SCREENSHOTS from current build of the game:

This is a preview only. Hopefully, I will release a playable demo in the weeks to come! Stay tuned!

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