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CITADEL STORMER is a fun little platformer made for the GMC's 34th game jam (made between August 22nd and 26th 2019).  

Gameplay summary:
- Avoid spikes and lightning bolts
- Fight robotic enemies 
- Find keys and flip switches to open doors
- Perform jumping challenges

This game is in early access. I will be updating this game and adding new things. 

29/8/19 - Released v1.4.1. This one has a boss battle! 

31/08/19 - V1.5.1 Released. Major fine tuning has been done! Added back up weapon, falling platforms, more power ups.

01/09/19 - V1.5.2 Released.  Added an OST and tweaked some sounds. 

06/09/19 - V1.6.1 Released. Improved controls and extra ammo! So jumps are easier and you wont run out of ammo!

Updated 20 days ago
StatusIn development
GenrePlatformer, Action
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Game Boy, GameMaker, Metroidvania, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes


Citadel_Stormer_Pixeltroid_1.6.1.exe 2 MB


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Played your game a couple of times, the further-est I got to was past the first gate. It was reasonably fun, mostly because of the great art and level design. These were positive aspects of the game.

The biggest letdown in your game is not the controls, it's actually the music. Improve the music and the game will be even better imo.

Not bad, the jumping mechanics seem kind of weird to me and led to me falling constantly on simple jumps but that might just be because I suck at platforming.

Sorry if I seem a bit harsh in the video at times, I try to offer constructive criticism on early access games.

Also, again, suck at platforming :)

Made a video


awesome! thanks! Gonna watch it now. :)

would like to have  0.01 power shots for when the bullets run out. (that or  a melee attack)

Thanks for your feedback! I am implementing a back up weapon.